• Occasionally funds may be collected by an authorized individual other than the bookkeeper/secretary (teacher, sponsor, clerk, etc., but only as approved by the principal) In such instances the following procedures shall be applicable in addition to the provisions of the section above. 


    1. The school bookkeeper/secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of receipt books obtained from the Activity Funds Office. 
      • The bookkeeper/secretary shall issue receipt books as needed to teachers or sponsors.  The bookkeeper/secretary must keep a distribution log (SAF-124) of all official BISD receipt books issued. 
    1. Count all cash and coins in the presence of the person turning in the money (face to face). For checks, make sure the payees name, address and current phone number is clearly printed on the face of the check. 
    1. Date the receipt with the date the cash or checks were received by the sponsor, which may not necessarily be the same as the deposit date. 
    1. Fill in the amount, both numeric and written. 
    1. Receipts must be issued in the name of the person turning in the money. A receipt may not be issued to more than one person.  A receipt may not be issued to the person that is preparing the receipt.  Issue a separate receipt for each source of funds.  Do not combine different sources of funds on the same receipt when issuing a summary receipt.  If the maker of the check is someone other than the person turning in the money, such as a parent, include the maker’s name somewhere on the receipt and issue the receipt to the person turning in the money. 
    1. Indicate the purpose of the funds or the source of funds (class fees, fundraiser, etc.) on the receipt.
    2. The person issuing the receipt must manually sign as the person receiving the money. Stamped signatures are prohibited.  
    1. Under no circumstances should a receipt amount or signature be altered. See #5 under cash receipts. 
    1. Give the original white copy to the person submitting the money. Give the yellow copy to the bookkeeper/secretary with all other support.  Leave the permanent pink copy in the receipt book. 
    1. Submit all money collected and the yellow receipt copies to the \bookkeeper/secretary. The bookkeeper/secretary will receipt the sponsor for the total amount submitted for deposit. 
    1. If the yellow receipt copy from the sponsor does not match the money collected, sponsor will need to give an explanation for the discrepancy.