1. Form SAF-103, Tabulation of Moneys Collected from Students, (see Appendix for example) may be used instead of cash receipts for small (less than $5.00) multiple collections, such as:
      • Library fines
      • Bus trips
      • Ball games, dances, banquets and movie admission tickets
      • Revenue from fundraising activities such as candy sales, benefit
      • Performances, etc.  
    2. Form SAF-103, when utilized, must be prepared in duplicate. One copy is kept by the sponsor and one copy is given to the bookkeeper/secretary. 
    1. Charitable or voluntary collections in homerooms shall be accompanied by Form SAF-103 when transmitted to the bookkeeper/secretary.  
    1. In elementary schools, teachers utilizing Form SAF-103 may enter the names (rather than signatures) of the students from whom moneys are received. In secondary schools students must, in the presence of the collector, actually sign the SAF-103 and enter the amount of money turned in.  
    1. Verify that the total cash and/or checks turned in agree with the total amounts on the SAF-103. The sponsor must print his/her name and manually sign SAF-103.  Stamped signatures are not allowed. 
    1. Collections shall be submitted to the bookkeeper/secretary daily. Any funds collected are the responsibility of the sponsor who will be held accountable for those funds.