• The Activity Fund cash receipts issued by the bookkeeper/secretary must be entered in TEAMS (TEAMS - Entering Cash Receipts). Two receipts will be attached to the Internal Deposit Slip (SAF-102) to be kept on file and one will be provided to the sponsor for their records.  The receipt number is created by TEAMS in sequence and is composed of the fiscal year, campus number and actual receipt number. All sponsors will use pre-numbered cash receipt books.


     The following procedures are to be observed in addition to those specified above: 


    1. When money is submitted to the bookkeeper/secretary (and it has been previously receipted by a sponsor), the bookkeeper/secretary shall:
      • Tabulate monies collected in the presence of the sponsor, and reconcile the receipts issued from the sponsor’s receipt book.
      • Issue a cash receipt in TEAMS to the sponsor (after monies have been verified).
      • Date the receipt with the date the cash or checks were actually received in hand from the sponsor, which may not necessarily be the same as the deposit date.
      • Receipts must be issued in the name of the person turning in the money. A receipt may not be issued to more than one person.
      • Issue a receipt for each source of funds. If the maker of the check is someone other than the person turning in the money, such as a parent, include the check maker’s name somewhere on the receipt and issue the receipt to the person turning in the money.
      • Indicate the purpose of the funds or the source of the funds (class fees, fundraiser, etc.) with the appropriate account code on the receipt. 
    1. When funds submitted to the bookkeeper/secretary have previously been tabulated on form SAF-103, the bookkeeper/secretary shall:
      • Reconcile monies received, in the presence of the sponsor, to the total of amounts listed on Form SAF-103.
      • Issue a cash receipt in TEAMS to the sponsor when monies received have been satisfactorily verified.
      • Indicate on all copies of Form SAF-103 the cash receipt number issued by the bookkeeper/secretary and the date of issuance.
      • Retain the original of Form SAF-103 and return one copy to the sponsor transmitting the money.