• After you have entered your cash receipts for student and campus activity accounts in TEAMS, it is very important that you submit the cash receipt batch timely.  The SUBMIT button is located at the top of the page near the right hand corner on the cash receipt screen.  Cash receipts will not post to accounts unless they are submitted.  Before you click submit make sure that you have entered each cash receipt correctly. 

    REMEMBER:  Cash receipt batches should be submitted right after you have finished the batch.  Do not submit batches late. 

    Also, do not submit a batch after each receipt of cash/checks. Enter receipts in TEAMS and submit your batch at the end of the day. Your batch total will equal your deposited amount.

    NOTE: for money received at the end of the day, perform the following:

    • Secure the money in a tamper-proof deposit bag in the presence of the person giving you the money.
    • Lock the money in the safe for the night.
    • At your earliest convenience, open the tamper-proof deposit bag and verify the money in the presence of the person who gave the money.
    • Enter in TEAMS, give a copy of the TEAMS receipt to the person who gave you the money and keep a copy for your records.
    • Follow cash receipting and deposit procedures.