• The district has only one activity fund bank account.  

    Only Activity Fund transactions may be directed through the Activity Fund bank account.  Transactions controlled by the cafeteria or by outside organizations (i.e., Booster Clubs, PTA, Project Graduation, etc) must be handled through those organizations bank account. 

    All deposits must be made into the District’s depository bank.  No school or sponsor is allowed to open up additional bank accounts, credit card accounts or pay pal accounts. 

    The cafeteria manager is responsible for preparing cafeteria deposits and placing them properly in the sealed deposit bags for deposit. The process of courier pick up varies across campuses. Check with the cafeteria at your campus to determine if their deposits are locked in a safe in the cafeteria office or if they will bring the deposit to the main office. For student activity deposits, the bookkeeper/secretary must sign the Activity Funds/Cafeteria Bank Deposit Pickups Log Sheet.  Do not create your own log sheet. 

    The Activity Fund Bookkeeper/Secretary is responsible for stocking deposit books and deposit bags.  Contact the Activity Fund Office for ordering information. 

    Campus and student activity accounts will remain separate in TEAMS but one bank account will facilitate all deposits.