1. Bank deposit slips shall be prepared in triplicate for each deposit. The white and yellow deposit slips should be placed in the sealed deposit bag. The pink copy is to be attached to the appropriate cash receipts deposit documentation. Ensure pink copies are legible.  
    1. The following information must be indicated on the bank deposit slip:
      • The date and amount of the deposit.
      • List each check on the deposit slip. If there are a large number of checks, you may list the checks collected on a separate sheet or use a calculator tape to list the amounts of the checks.
      • Record the receipt number(s) on the deposit slip. 
    1. The sum of the amounts of the supporting cash receipts must equal the amount of the bank deposit. Run two calculator tapes (totals must agree), stamp one tape with the school’s endorsement stamp and wrap it around the checks.  Make a note on the deposit slip indicating that a tape is included.  Keep the second calculator tape with the school’s deposit slip. 
    1. After verification is complete, the funds should be placed in the tamper evident numbered bag. The tamper evident bag information must be completed in permanent ink.  If you have a large deposit, bind the bags together with a band and indicate 1 of 2, etc. 
    1. The top tear off strip from the bag must be kept and attached to the deposit slips and receipts for that deposit. 
    1. All deposits must be logged daily using the Activity Funds/Cafeteria Bank Deposit Pickups Log Sheet and placed in the campus safe for BISD Police pickup. 

    Under no circumstances should the bookkeeper or any staff member take the deposit to the bank 

    If a scheduled pickup is missed place the funds in the safe and notify the Activity Fund Specialist by email. 

    If any discrepancies occur with the bank deposit; shortages, overages, etc. the bank will send a correction for the account.  The bookkeeper/secretary should adjust their records accordingly. 

    Deposit Documentations 

    The deposit documentation should include the following in this order: 

    • Pink copy of deposit slip
    • Bank Bag # Strip
    • Cash receipt – TEAMS
    • Adding Machine Tape
    • Batch Receipt Slip - TEAMS
    • Internal Deposit Slip – from sponsor
    • Yellow copies of cash receipts – from sponsor
    • Any other items supporting or indicating the source of the receipt such as commissions, etc.

    The bookkeeper should keep deposit documentations in their monthly folders.