• Occasionally a check which was previously deposited is returned unpaid by the bank at a later date because of insufficient funds, account closed, improper signature, or other reasons.  The Activity Fund Office will notify each campus by email of any returned checks.  


    1. The bookkeeper/secretary shall immediately notify the sponsor and maker of the check requesting that it be redeemed with cash. 
    1. Under no circumstances should the returned check be surrendered to the maker except in return for cash. 
    1. Retain all bank NSF information in school files. 
    1. When a check is returned by the bank, the Activity Fund Office will make the appropriate entry in TEAMS.  NSF checks are posted on a monthly basis during the bank reconciliation process. 
    1. A $20.00 fee will be charged to the issuer of the check. 
    1. A re-deposit should be treated as a new deposit. 
    1. The bank may also charge a fee which will be deducted from the activity account originally credited.