• Checks are printed on Tuesdays and Thursday only 

    Check requests will only be done on renewal notices, entry fees, registrations, payment for judges or contest fees and subscriptions. 

    1. Complete the Student Activity Fund Voucher (SAF-104)
    2. Complete the vendor name, address, phone number and fax.  This information is needed for TEAMS.
    3. Complete any special handling instructions.
    4. Fill in the information. Submit to the bookkeeper/secretary.
    5. The bookkeeper/secretary will enter the Check Request into TEAMS and submit to the Principal for approval.
    6. If you are using a new vendor, you must complete a new vendor form and submit to the Purchasing Department to be set up.  New vendors are required to fill out a vendor packet which can be found on the BISD web page under Purchasing.  The vendor may not be used until approved.
    7. Once approved by the Activity Fund Office and CFO, it will go to the appropriate administrator and on to the Accounts Payable Department for a check to be issued.