• Student travel request must be submitted in TEAMS through entry point – Create Travel Request.  Examples of student travel are students participating in sporting activities, etc.  Follow the additional rules and procedures outlined in the District travel guidelines found on the BISD website, Accounts Payable. 

    Educational field trips are trips taken during the school day where the students are visiting a location for educational purposes.   Board policy prohibits charging a fee to students for educational trips which are part of the required class curriculum.  

    Reward field trips (clubs) that will use school buses must reserve and pay for the bus from the specific club account.  When entering the field trip request in the Transportation system, enter the department and check the account code. Indicate on the field trip request form if this is to be paid with activity funds and indicate the activity fund account number. In the comments section. 

    The Transportation Department will invoice the Business Office for the cost of each bus.  A journal adjustment will be entered.


    ** Travel Note:  Travel advances are allowed only when travelling with students (rental car fuel, meals).