• It is not necessary to write a check to transfer funds from one club account to another or to another department within the district.  Transfers must be documented by using the Transfer Request Form (SAF-115).  Transfers should be utilized for the following situations and initiated by the bookkeeper:

    • Profits from school-wide fundraisers need to be distributed to participating clubs or groups on the same campus 
    • Entry fee payments to another campus within the district 
    • To cover negative balances 
    • If a cash receipt is entered into an incorrect account 
    • Payments from activity funds for district services (e.g. student snacks from Child Nutrition, BISD Security for campus events, payments to Transportation for bus services, etc.)
    • At no time should one student club's funds be used to satisfy a negative balance in another club. 

    Transfer Form (SAF-115) should be sent to the Activity Fund Office for processing.