• It is required that each campus have all sponsors check out with the bookkeeper in order to clear any pending items related to student activities.  All sponsors should turn in the following items before they leave for summer break.  End of Year Sponsor Checkout List (SAF-120) must be completed when checking out. 

    • Receipt Books 
    • All fundraising financial reports 
    • Binders containing student activity information – only if sponsor will no longer serve for the following school year. 
    • Signed Monthly Report of Account Transactions – sponsor should sign this final report showing remaining balance. Sponsor will receive a copy of this signed report. 
    • Outstanding invoices – Sponsors may have invoices or receipts that have not been turned in to the bookkeeper. Bookkeeper will verify if the invoice or receipt was an approved purchase. 

    Teachers or sponsors should maintain all of these records during the year in order to be able to confirm or prove their fund balance should a question arise.  All activity funds records should be kept a binder.