2021-2022 Returning Students Registration

  • Welcome Back!

    Who are Returning Students?

    Returning students are scholars who are/were actively enrolled in a BISD campus on the last day of the school year, already have an address on file in the district's computer system, and are returning to continue their enrollment the following school year.

    Returning students fall into two (2) categories:


    Ready to Register Your Returning Scholar?

    Is the student's address on file in the computer system located within the boundaries of Beaumont ISD?

    • YES - Begin online registration here

    • NO - Proceed to registration here


    • Returning students of district employees who live within the boundaries of BISD can be registered on PSS using the employee's TEAMS username/password.

    • Returning students who live out of the district's attendance boundaries must have an approved Employee Exception for the current school year and register via the Google Form online registration portal.

    • Employees who have returning students who want to enroll the student at the campus or feeder school of the campus they teach on or duty station they are assigned to should visit the Employee Exception page to learn more. 



  • Must I use a specific browser for Parent Self-Serve (PSS) and online registration?

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    Google Chrome is the recommended browser for online registration. There is functionality that may not work correctly with other browswers. If you do not have Chrome, it can be downloaded for computer, iPhones or Android here.

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  • Why will the system not allow me to create a Parent Self-Serve (PSS) account?

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    When creating a Parent Self-Serve account, all required items MUST MATCH EXACTLY in the system. Check spelling, capitlization, spacing and punctuation of parent/guardian name and student name. For instance, if you type the parent's name as Jane Doe when creating trying to create the account, but the the parent's name on file is spelled as Janie Doe, the system will not authenticate.

    Also, be sure to use the child's name as listed on the birth certificate, not the preferred name of the child if it is different.

    For Student ID, type the student's lunch number not the social security number or other state issued number.

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  • All of my returning students are not showing on my account. Why not?

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    If your children live in the district's boundaries and are returning to Beaumont ISD to continue enrollment for the school year and you do not see all of your children on one account, you will need to contact the school office. The school will link your students to your current account for visibility. You will need to provide the campus with the name and Student ID number of the student(s) you can see listed on your account.

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  • Why is the wrong school showing for my student?

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    The campus that displays is the campus your student is zoned to attend based on the parent/legal guardian's address in the district's computer system or the campus the child is approved to attend based on an approved transfer or special program placement.

    You are encouraged to complete online registration with the displayed school name. If your student is pending an approved special program placement to a different school, the school name can be updated once all paperwork has been validated. If you have recently moved and need to update your student's address, please contact the child's campus to discuss how to submit proof of residency in order to update the information on file. 

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  • The school I want my child to attend is not available. May I choose another campus?

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    Beaumont ISD offers Shools of Choice options at the district's open enrollment campuses. Click here to learn more. 

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