• Being an effective sponsor carries a great deal of responsibility. Many students do not yet understand how to effectively organize and run a club or class. A sponsor will teach them how to be responsible while giving them the opportunity to make decisions and chart the course of the organization.

    It is very important that District and school policies and procedures be followed in all the club’s activities. Your assistance in providing students the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities is appreciated; this provides students with another area for growth. It also provides you with the opportunity to provide a leadership-training program to the club officers and members.

    The expectation of each sponsor is to communicate with the bookkeeper/secretary, Student Activity Director (High Schools) and the principal in a timely manner regarding events, fundraisers, purchases, and activities.

     The following tips may be helpful:  

    • Encourage participation and leadership on the part of all members.
    • Always be there to assist in, but not to dominate, the meetings and activities.
    • Keep in mind that some of the greatest benefits for the students will come when they themselves assume the responsibility for student activities.
    • Do what you can to help plan and schedule meaningful meetings and activities. Having nothing to do or doing something that is not perceived as worthwhile will quickly turn students away. Be sure to have a plan to communicate meetings and activities with club members.
    • Be ENTHUSIASTIC about the club or organization you are sponsoring! If you are enthusiastic, students will also be enthusiastic.
    • Show members that you are interested in them individually, as well as in the group collectively.
    • Become familiar with the requirements and procedures of the district, as well as the constitution and by-laws of the club you are sponsoring.
    • Be supportive of other clubs and school activities.
    • Utilize internet searches for templates and examples of club constitutions, by-laws, meeting forms, etc.
    • There should be no alcohol, tobacco or other inappropriate substances at any school activity; whether on or off campus. This includes consumption by adults at an event.