Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

  • We will have a virtual event similar to last year and all material will be posted by the evening of September 19, 2021.  Here's what you need to know and do. . . 

    • Start with the Title I and Welcome videos below.  These videos will provide information about the coming year and what it means to be a Title I campus.
    • Log into parent self serve (or have your student join you) to review your student's shedule in order to determine which teachers to "visit."
    • Watch each teacher's prerecorded video before attending the live Q&A sessions on September 20, 2021 starting at 6:00pm and ending at 7:30pm.
    • Scroll down for all needed links.

State of the Campus with the Principal

What Does It Mean To Be A Title I Campus?

Want to Volunteer with BISD or BECHS?