• Accelerating Campus Excellence

    With  a  mission  to  provide  exceptional  education  to  all  students,  Beaumont  ISD  recently  announced  the upcoming district-led transformation  of Homer Drive Elementary.  Beginning  in  2022-2023,  Homer Drive Elementary  School  will implement  the  Accelerating  Campus  Excellence  (ACE)  program to ensure that Beaumont ISD best meets the individual students’ social and emotional and academic needs. 

    Fourteen districts across the state of  Texas have implemented  ACE to provide  students  in  high  mobility,  high poverty  areas  with  a  proven  platform  for  closing  achievement  and  opportunity  gaps.  Early  innovators  in  the school  transformation  work  included  Dallas  and  Fort  Worth  ISDs.  From  the  time  of  program  inception,  each  district  has  experienced  increased  academic  performance  in  core  content  areas.  To date,  30,000  students  across  14  districts  are  enrolled  in  ACE  schools.  According to a  recent  study  of  ACE  campuses  in Dallas  County,  on  average,  ACE  campuses  saw  smaller  declines  in  learning  loss  compared  to  non-ACE campuses  despite  being  in  communities  more  likely  to  be  impacted  by  COVID-19.  ACE campuses tout improved student  and  staff  attendance  rates,  accelerated student growth and achievement, and  a  stronger  parent-school  connection. 

    New  features  for  Beaumont  ISD’s  ACE  campus  include  an  extended  school  day,  which  allows  for  increased instructional  time  to  focus  on  critical  subjects  like  reading and  math,  targeted interventions/tutoring,  homework  help  and  more.  The ACE campus  will  also leverage extended school hours to offer a  variety  of  enrichment  activities. Because  a  priority  of  the  program  is  to  provide  for  social  and  emotional  care,  many  other  basic  needs  are also  provided for students and families.  Some  of  these  include  discounted  uniforms,  free  breakfast,  lunch  and  dinner  and  free evening  transportation  on  Monday  through  Thursday  for  students  who  stay for the extended day.  Additionally,  the team  of  highly  effective  educators  recruited  for  the  campus  will  be  handpicked  from  across  BISD, offered  an  opportunity  to  earn  financial  incentives  and  the  chance  to  co-build  a  dynamic  and  transformative learning  environment  alongside  talented  peers.

    BISD  announced its  upcoming  ACE  initiative  during  the  February 17th board  meeting. For  additional  information  about  the  Beaumont  ISD  ACE  program  at Homer Drive Elementary,  please contact the Office of Innovation  at 409-617-5280.  


  • Accelerating Campus Excellence Presentation

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  • ACE Bright Spots

    Under careful consideration as to what is best for students, BISD researched districts across Texas to understand how the ACE program is implemented in other districts. Our goal is to have exponential growth witnessed in other districts like Garland and Richardson ISD's right here for our students.