• The Elementary Pegasus program provides Beaumont Independent School District students with a unique opportunity to pursue an individualized program that meets their needs. The program will focus on academic acceleration as well as on special interests and talents of students and reflects a culture of positive self-esteem where the highest standard of conduct applies. The many enrichment and extended opportunities provide strong incentives for superior conduct and attendance.

    The Elementary Pegasus program offers all students an opportunity to showcase their ability and challenge themselves through accelerated instruction. High expectations are maintained for all students with all incoming students expected to sign an academic contract. Parents are urged to be regular visitors and active participants in their children’s education at each Elementary Pegasus program.

    All students showing high academic performance on local and/or state testing are selected and invited to apply. Not every student will qualify for the Elementary Pegasus program. Application is open to 3rd and 4th grade students and a student does not currently have to attend BISD to apply.
    Students will be accepted based on academic achievement and qualitative eligibility criteria.

    Below are
    the areas that will be reviewed for placement in the program.
    Elementary Pegasus Eligibility
    ∙ STAAR Scores and/or STAR 360
    ∙ Current grades/reading level
    ∙ Teacher(s) recommendation(s) - current campus
    ∙ Principal recommendation – current campus
    ∙ Attendance

    If you are interested in your child’s participating in the Elementary Pegasus program, applications will be available on the BISD Website beginning in late April.  Your student will be notified by email of acceptance over the summer!