• Employee Separation 

  • Thank you for your service to BISD. Because you are ending your employment here, we encourage you to complete an exit interview survey. We would like to gain insight into your experiences, both good and bad, to help improve the working conditions of current and future employees at BISD. 

    To notify BISD about your intent to resign from the district, please email the  Voluntary Resignation/Retirement Form to Mona Richard at mrichar@bmtisd.com

    Employees are encouraged to review the BISD Employee Separation Guide prior to submitting a resignation.

    Questions pertaining to resigning from the district should be directed to Mona Richard mrichar@bmtisd.com or call 409-617-5094. 


  • Retirement 

    You must request a reference packet from TRS 2-3 months prior to your retirement date. 

    Contact Information: TRS 1-800-223-8778 or visit the TRS website for more information or forms. 

    If you received the packet and need general questions answered, please contact Mona Richard at 409-617-5094 or by email at mrichar@bmtisd.com.

    Questions regarding employment after retirement, please visit the link below for a quick interactive video from TRS.

    TRS Employment After Retirement