2022-2023 Student Registration

    All PK-12 New and Returning student registration is done online.  
    To avoid complications with the registration platforms, please use the Google Chrome browser on computers, smartphones, iPads or tablets.

    How Do I Register My Child?
    (click on the best option A, B, or C below to complete the statement and register)
    My Student __________________________.
  • A. Has Never Attended BISD

  • B. Is a Current BISD Student

  • C. Is a Past/Withdrawn BISD Student Wanting to Re-enroll

  • Still Have Registration Questions? Need More Help?

    • Click here for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Employees seeking an exception for 2022-2023 to have their student attend the assigned or zoned campus of their primary duty station should complete the exception form here

    • Contact the child's campus or Student Services at 409-617-5109 or 409-617-5107