• Leave Information 

    Always communicate with your supervisor regarding the anticipated need for leave. 

  • Family Medical Leave

    Medical leave is a policy which protects an employee's job while they are out for qualifying medical reason.  BISD employees may qualify for one of the types of medical leave, either Family Medical Leave (FMLA) or Temporary Disability Leave (TDL). 

    Employees must meet the specific criteria outlined below in order to qualify for FMLA. 

    The second medical leave program available to BISD employees is Temporary Disability Leave (TDL) 

    • TDL is NOT to be confused with Disability Insurance. 
    • TDL is medical leave coverage and Disability Insurance is an elected benefit. 
    • Employees who do not qualify for FML may qualify for TDL, if the employee has their own medical need and meets the criteria. 

    FMLA and TDL leave are unpaid leave programs. The district requires employees to use their own compensatory time or personal paid leave time concurrently with FMLA/TDL leave. You must notify BISD Insurance within 31 days of childbirth to add a child. 

    Consult a Benefits Specialist for any questions regarding insurance benefits (medical, disability etc.). 

    Benefits Specialist Contact information: Insurance and Benefits Department

    Consult a Payroll Specialist for any questions regarding your paid leave balance and payroll calender. 

    Payroll Specialist Contact Information: Payroll Department



  • How to Request FMLA and TDL Leave of Absence 

    Communicate with your supervisor the anticipated need for leave. 

    Complete the Leave Request Form  or send an email to the Leave Specialist at jmichae@bmtisd.com.

    • Include in the Subject: Leave Request for Employee Name and Employee Number
    • Include in the body of the email:
      • Campus/Department
      • Reason for Leave
      • Anticipated dates Attached any supporting documents, if any. 
    • Email your medical leave request, generally 30 days in advance, or as soon as possible, to the Leave Specialist at jmichae@bmtisd.com or submit the Leave Request Form. 

Leave Policy