• Beaumont Independent School District

    Hometown Ticketing (HTT)


    The district has an agreement with Hometown Ticketing (HTT) to provide an online payment solution. In an effort to reduce the amount of cash received at the campus, HTT will be used to collect proceeds for all ticketed events.

    A ticketed event (general admissions event) is defined as a fee paid entry to an unreserved seating area as in a gym, cafeteria, or other similar locations. Ticketed events are to be set up in HTT for tickets costing $4.00 or more. Events with ticket costs less that $4.00 can be entered into HTT, but is optional.

    These procedures will provide guidance to campuses on how to request set up of a ticketed event on HTT as well as other processes.

    Examples of ticketed events (not all inclusive):

    • Athletic Events
    • School Plays
    • Musicals
    • Prom
    • Homecoming Dances

    Ensure Fundraisers are Approved

    Ticketed events are considered fundraisers. A Fundraiser Approval Form must be submitted and approved in Eduphoria.

    Submit Request for Ticketed Event

    After the event is approved by the principal, send the following information to your campus secretary/bookkeeper at least two weeks before the event. This will ensure event is communicated timely to the purchasers:

    • What club/fund is sponsoring the event
    • Event Name
    • Description (provide information to the purchaser)
    • Department (will always be Athletics)
    • Sports Teams (i.e. drama, theatre, poetry, valentines dance, etc.)
    • Price
    • Event Date
    • Venue
    • Number of tickets for sale (or unlimited)
    • Ticket sale start and end dates
    • Event image

    Event Setup in HTT

    Secretary/Bookkeepers will set event up in HTT. The Activity Funds Office will assist where needed. QR codes can be created and printed to share with students and parents.

    Ticketed events are posted on the Athletic Department’s webpage at Online Ticketing Information. It is suggested you review your QR code and event details. Any changes are to be communicated immediately.

    Making Payments Online

    Purchasers can use the QR code or the Athletic Department link to make their ticket purchases. After their purchase is complete, purchasers receive mobile-friendly, digital tickets via email they can print or display on their phones to access the event.

    Ticket Scanning

    Ticket takers can download the Hometown Ticketing Scanner App. The app is used to scan the tickets of purchasers. If the purchasers do not have the digital ticket or a print out, the ticket taker can access the Event Check-In on the app, search for the purchaser’s name, and click the Check-In button. Note: once the purchaser checks in, that ticket is no longer available for use.


    • Guest Lists – list can be printed prior to the event to facilitate check in.
    • Audit Report – a detailed financial report can be printed which shows the number of ticket sales and the revenues from the purchases.
      • This report can also be used to complete the Financial Reporting Form in Eduphoria. The Financial Reporting Form is to be completed within 5 days of the end of the fundraiser.


    Hometown Ticketing is used for ticketed events. Use My School Bucks student fees, club dues, and products.