• 2023-2024 Student Registration & School Transfer Information

    Registration for PK-12 for both new and returning students opens online on Saturday, May 6, 2023 @10:00am.

    Parents/ guardians may also apply for a school transfer online during the Open Transfer Window:
    May 6, 2023 @ 10:00am thru May 26, 2023 @5:00 pm

    Note: To avoid complications with the registration platforms, please use the Google Chrome browser on computers, smartphones, iPads or tablets.


    Where will my child attend PK4?

    What campus is my address zoned to?

    Help for students experiencing temporary loss of housing

  • How Do I Register My Child?

    Click on option A, B, or C below to begin the registration process.

  • How Can I Transfer My Child to Another School?  

    To quickly and efficiently serve our families, transfer requests are conveniently completed online during the established transfer window. 

    • The 2023-2024 Intradistrict Student Transfer Request window opens ONLINE at 10:00 am on Saturday, May 6, 2023 and closes at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 26, 2023.

    • Transfer seats are limited!
      Due to functional capacity, staffing, special programs, etc., not all campuses are open to accept transfer students. Additionally, not every grade level at a particular campus can accept transfer students and those that are open may only be able to accept as few as 1 or 2 students at a particular grade level. There is no right or guarantee that siblings will be able to receive a transfer to the same campus.
    • The following campuses have limited seats available to accept transfer students for 2023-2024. CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR STUDENT TRANSFER! (FORM AVAILABLE MAY 6, 2023 @ 10:00 AM)  
      Amelia Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades
      Caldwood Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades
      Charlton-Pollard Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades
      Curtis Limited Seats Kinder & 1st Grades Only
      Dishman Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades
      Fehl-Price Open Enrollment K-5
      Fletcher Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades
      Homer Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades
      Jones-Clark Open Enrollment K-5
      Martin    Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades     
      Regina Limited Seats Kinder-5th Grades  
      King Open Enrollment 6-8
      Marshall Limited Seats 6th Grade Only
      Smith Open Enrollment 6-8
      Vincent Limited Seats 6th Grade Only
      No High School Campuses Available for Transfers

    Note: Employees seeking an exception for 2023-2024 to have their student attend the assigned or zoned campus of their primary duty station should complete the exception form - Click Here to Submit Employee Exception Form_2024 (FORM AVAILABLE MAY 6, 2023) 

    • Transfer requests are considered in priority order, on a first-come, first serve basis as outlined in Board Policy FDB(Local). 

    • Intradistrict transfer decision letters will be mailed to the primary address on file over the summer for eligible applications received within the transfer window.

    • It is important to understand, transfer requests are not for admission into PreK, Special Education, Bilingual Programs or other Magnet Programs.

    • Except as may be required by law or policy, transportation for students granted permission to attend a school or program outside their attendance area is the responsibility of the parents or guardians - Board Policy FDB(Local).

    Applications must be completed by the parent/legal guardian only. A copy of the parent’s/guardian’s valid, government photo id must be uploaded/attached to each application. Proof of residency documentation may be required to validate that the parent/guardian that resides in the boundaries of BISD in order to process the application. The parents/legal guardian must also sign a transfer agreement at the time of application.

    Click here for Frequently Asked Questions/haga clic aquí preguntas frecuentes


    NOTE: Parents who are unable to access the online application or have additional questions may contact the Department of Student Services at 409-617-5109 for assistance.