• Regina Howell Elementary is dedicated to providing exceptional service to the military families that attend our school. It is the mission of the school to provide a welcoming environment for our children of military personnel.   Staff at Regina Howell collaborate to provide resources and support for the families as they join our educational community.  We work diligently to meet the unique educational needs of these children. Some examples of services we provide are listed below.

    • Counseling Support Groups- The purpose of school counseling is to help children make maximum use of their educational experience while at Regina-Howell Elementary.  We offer different kinds of group support to help children with the following topics: self-esteem, decision-making skills, coping skills, peer pressure resistance strategies and social relationships.
    • Clubs- Our students are offered the opportunity to join clubs for after-school enrichment.  This enables the students to socialize with other students and share their experiences.
    • Curriculum- The counselor on campus is able to provide books designed to target handling change and making friends. Guidance lessons are also developed to assist the students in areas of need as detected by the yearly needs assessment.
    • Events- Regina - Howell participates in military events such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Month of the Military Child, and Purple Up! Day.
    • Service Projects- Regina- Howell Elementary is partnering with the local chapter of Veterans of Foreign War.  The Beaumont area has an active chapter with many longtime members.  Children will continue to make cards, and signs for various holidays during the school year.  
    • Recognition- A world map is displayed in the foyer area for children to see the locations of families that now attend Regina- Howell.  In addition, the service flags for the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard are on display in the cafeteria area.
    • A Welcome Packet is offered to each student that enrolls in Regina- Howell Elementary.  It includes a map of the school, important information, Who is who in the staff, year calendar of events and clubs for the students to join.

    Campus Military Liaison: Cynthia Raiford

                                            email: cbarnes@bmtisd.com phone: 409-617-6768