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    Why did we choose the Opportunity Culture Model?

    Beaumont United High School and Pietzsch-MacArthur Pre-K - 8th Grade Center will begin implementing the Opportunity Culture model for their teachers and students starting in August 2024. This model will enable the schools to provide excellent teaching for all students and help to close achievement gaps. The model involves creating new roles for teachers through Multi-Classroom Leadership, support staff and integrating technology to save teachers time while individualizing instruction. The most effective teachers will take on extra responsibilities and help their peers achieve teaching excellence, and all teachers will have opportunities to improve on the job and work collaboratively. 

    The Opportunity Culture model allows schools to reach more students with excellent teachers consistently while paying teachers more for their extra responsibilities, and all pay supplements are funded through reallocating existing budgets with no temporary grants. A team of teachers and administrators in each Opportunity Culture school will adopt new roles to reach more students with teachers who have shown high-growth student learning. The campus design teams decide how to create school schedules for collaboration and how to reach all students with excellent teaching and other elements.

    This model has attracted many outstanding educators committed to creating a culture of excellence for students, teachers, and staff, and research has shown that students on multi-classroom leader teams have made large gains in student learning. The Opportunity Culture team at Public Impact supports and trains districts, schools, and partners who share their commitment to providing excellent teaching for every student and offering outstanding career opportunities to teachers. To learn more about the Opportunity Culture initiative, visit OpportunityCulture.org.

    What barriers keep teachers and students from experiencing great support and strong learning outcomes? These brief videos highlight some barriers the Opportunity Culture school model can remove.