• Accelerated Reader


    Here at Odom we emphasize the power of reading. Reading is the skill that enables students to achieve more in all other subjects. Just as an athlete practices his/her skills, reading on a daily basis will help students significantly improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills. With the use of the Accelerated Reader program, students in regular ELAR classes and 6th grade Honors and Pegasus classes are expected to read independently for 20 minutes daily in class. In addition, they should be reading at home each evening for at least 20 minutes. 7th and 8th grade Honors and Pegasus students are expected to complete their reading independently. Based on their tested reading levels, students conference with their teachers to set their point goals. However, comprehension is emphasized as much as points earned. AR counts as 20% of a student’s nine weeks ELAR average.


    Due Dates for AR:

    First nine weeks: October 10, 2018

    Second nine weeks: December 14, 2018

    Third nine weeks: March 1, 2019

    Fourth nine weeks: May 10, 2019

    Resources for AR:


    Renaissance Home Connect: Parents, you can check your student’s AR progress and sign up to receive emails showing your child’s quiz or test results.

    Website: https://Hosted 404.renlearn.com/234989/HomeConnect

    Your child’s username is his/her school ID # and the password is his/her birth date in digits.

    Reading online:


    MYON: A website where your child can listen to books as they read them. Books are on AR.

    https://clever.com/in/beaumontisd/.  Username and password is your child’s school ID#.

    AR Book Finder: A great way to see if a book is on AR and also read descriptions and ratings of books to read. www.arbookfinder.com