Welcome from the Principal

  • Greetings Parents!

    The staff here at Beaumont United High School is excited about the opportunity to serve our students and your needs. We are committed to the children and can ensure you that they will receive the best education possible.

    Research suggests the primary factor in the academic success of students is the partnership between the school, parents, and the community. As such, we will be looking forward to seeing you at the various activities planned throughout the year, specifically for you. In addition to planned activities, we invite you to visit, call, email, or communicate through written or verbal communication with your child's teacher or campus administration. We believe this strengthens the relationship between the school, community, and parents.

    Great things are going to happen at Beaumont United High School this year; we are anticipating the partnerships that will be developed, assisting us in the education of our students.

    We thank you in advance for your commitment and cooperation.

    Ron Jackson

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    Ron Jackson