Campus Motto, Colors, and Mascot

  • History:

    Beaumont High School (1900 – 1975)
    Named for the city of Beaumont, Beaumont High School’s Royal Purples were founded in 1900. The colors were purple and white, with the lion, King Royal, being their mascot. The name chosen for the school annual was the Pine Burr. In 1975, Beaumont High was merged with Charlton-Pollard.

    Charlton-Pollard High School (1975-1986)
    Charlton-Pollard High School, named for two esteemed leaders, opened in 1900 and existed until its merger with Beaumont High in 1975. Charlton-Pollard used the Bulldog for its mascot, as well as the name of its newspaper. The annual was called Rice Shock. Blue and White were the colors.

    Beaumont Charlton-Pollard (1975-1986)
    In 1975, Beaumont Charlton-Pollard High School was formed by merging Beaumont High and Charlton Pollard High. Green and Gold were decided upon as the colors and the mascot was the Cougar. The school paper, named the Cougar Collection, was first issued that year. In addition, the school annual was called the Cougar Classic.

    French High School (1913-1986)
    Named for a prominent early settler in Beaumont, John Jay French, FHS opened in 1913 as part of the French Independent School District. Later it became part of the Beaumont Independent School District. The school named as their mascot the Buffalo, and had two different portable mascots, Big Bill I and Big Bill II. The names for its newspaper and annual were the Courier and the Buffalo, respectively. In 1986, French High School was consolidated with BCP to create the new Central High.

    Central High School (1986-present)
    The present Central High School Jaguars came into existence in 1986 with the merging of French and BCP. Central High School became a Medical Magnet High School in 2006.



    Building a Legacy of Excellence in Education


    The mission of Central Medical Magnet High School is to ensure that our students are ready for society upon graduation with the social and academic knowledge and skills necessary to compete in our fast paced multi-cultural society.


    Maroon and Gray