Welcome from the Principal

  • Welcome to Beaumont Early College High School!  We are housed at the Austin Innovation Center and share that location with other programs in the district.  CCRSM schools are open to all students, but target at-risk populations and provides the opportunity, in partnership with Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT), to acquire 60 credit hours and possibly an Associate’s Degree.  Students on our campus are essentially awarded a “scholarship” that enables them to take dual enrolled courses at no expense to the families.

    In addition to rigorous instruction, students also receive social support services to help them succeed.  This is, in part, realized through “Family Time” – time worked into the school day in which students are assigned to a Family group and will work with members from all grade levels and a Faculty Advisor that will serve as a mentor during a student’s four years on campus.  This time will be a key element to success, encouraging students to address concerns and challenges that may be faced as a result of rigorous course work.

    Available course work at Beaumont ECHS will culminate in one of three measures of success:

    • A BECHS student will receive a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree.
    • A BECHS student will receive a high school diploma and 60 college hours toward a Bachelor’s Degree.
    • A BECHS student will receive a high school diploma and 42 core credit hours transferrable to any degree plan at any public college in Texas.

    2018 - 2019 successes include:

    • 2019 EOC Scores (there are no 2019-2020 scores due to COVID-19 school closures)

      Alg I - 98% Approaches, 64% Meets, 44% Masters
      Bio - 100% Approaches, 100% Meets, 68% Masters
      Eng I - 95% Approaches, 84% Meets, 16% Masters
      Eng II - 91% Approaches, 82% Meets, 13% Masters
      US History - 100% Approaches, 82% Meets, 39% Masters

    • TSI Completion rate as of August 1, 2020:

      Class of Writing Reading Math
      CO 2021 100% 97% 87%
      CO 2022 100% 89% 59%
      CO 2023 38% 52% 17%
      CO 2024 --% --% --%

    In light of this unique and challenging opportunity, we here at BECHS consider parent engagement both on and off campus to be a top priority. Communication between home and school will be open and ongoing. 

    For more information on CCRSM schools please visit https://www.texasccrsm.org/


    Melanie Pharis

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    Melanie Pharis