Flexible Education Plan

  • The goal of Beaumont ISD is to ensure the continuity of instruction during the district closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are here to support our parents/guardians and students by providing quality resources, online activities, filmed lessons, and personal support through phone calls/emails from your child's teacher(s). Please review the learning options below so you can determine what is most appropriate for your family.


    Online Learning Option

    A Google Drive folder containing lessons/activities for each grade level and subject, PreK – 12, can be accessed via the button below. Although our At-Home Learning Plan will officially begin March 30, we will likely open the Online Learning drive for our stakeholders around March 27.

    The Online Learning Option provides skills practice on high-quality district-wide programs for a prescribed amount of time, access to modeled lessons filmed by our BISD teachers, and the ability to print resources and activities to work on at home. The content covered will match the content in the printed learning packet that will be available on campuses. The printable packet will also be available to print at home from Google Drive.

    We additionally have many teachers who already have Google Classroom set up for their courses. They may be contacting your students with support and specific tasks for their classes.

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    Printed Paper Packet

    To accommodate our students/parents who do not have computer devices and/or internet access at home, we will provide paper packets on campuses starting the week of March 30 on Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 10:00 – 1:00. The packets will cover two weeks of instruction. Packets can be acquired by driving up to the campus, staying in the car, and awaiting assistance from our campus staff. It would be helpful to post clearly in your passenger window which grade level packets you need. Please be patient if the campus runs out of packets. We have no way of knowing how many parents will arrive on any given day, and it is possible that campuses may have to make additional copies as you wait.


    Required Attendance Tracking

    We are required by the Texas Education Agency to have parents track student instructional minutes each day and sign off on an official form. An Attendance Tracker is included in each packet and can also be printed by clicking here. In the event our closure extends beyond April 3, the tracker has been created to accommodate additional days of closure if needed.


    Grading Policy

    For those utilizing the Online Learning option, reports can be accessed by teachers remotely which shows the time each student spends on district learning programs and their progress. Additionally, the Accelerated Reader quiz platform will be open for at-home use, and quiz records can be generated remotely for each student in grade Kinder through 8th grade.

    For the Paper Packet Option, parents will be able to turn in a completed packet when they pick up a new one. Teachers and staff will have the opportunity to review packets for student participation during the remainder of the closure.


    Suggested At-Home Learning Schedule

    A suggested At-Home Learning Schedule is provided in each Online Learning grade/subject folder and in each paper packet. The schedules are a suggestion, meaning that parents have the autonomy to create a learning schedule that is appropriate for their family structure and circumstances. For students with modifications/accommodations, their teacher will be calling to check on them and offer support as needed. Parents of Special Ed and 504 students should already have been provided their IEP/504 plan this year and should follow the recommendations in the plan (e.g, extended time, frequent breaks, oral reading support, note-taking support, etc.)


    Other Information

    If you do not have internet access at home, campuses will be arranging for MiFi devices to be checked out to students. The MiFi devices will be checked out on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 - 1:00 following the same protocol as packet pick-up. Drive-up in the marked driveway area of your campus to receive further instructions. Please do not exit your vehicle.

    Breakfast and lunch will be served from 10:00 - 1:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for all present children up to age 18 at the locations listed below. They will be provided breakfast and lunch for two days at a time.

    Breakfast and lunch pick-up will take place at: West Brook High School Blanchette Elementary School Beaumont United 9th at South Park Charlton-Pollard Elementary School Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School PLA @ Smith Middle School Marshall Middle School Guess Elementary School and Martin Elementary School


    Please stay safe, care for your family, and closely adhere to the CDC recommendations regarding social distancing, hand washing, and prioritizing staying at home and away from contact with others.