• Student Presentation - Sept. 28, 2020

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 9/27/2020
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  • BECHS Students Return Sept 28, 2020

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 9/23/2020
    • All students that signed up for On Campus Learning will return on September 28, 2020.  BECHS does not have a phase in process.  
    • Read the campus Re-Entry plan here.  The notes below are a courtesy and not a full listing of what is in the plan.
    • Students MUST wear a mask at all times while on campus.  The only exception to this is while eating at lunch.  If a student refuses to wear a mask or has to be repeatedly told to put his/her mask back on, the student will be removed from campus to engage in Virtual Learning from home for a period of two weeks or until the end of the grading period - whichever is longer.
    • For students that will remain Virtual Learners, teachers' live office hours can be found on our campus calendar here and are posted in each teacher's Google Classroom or Blackboard.  This requirement will not apply to courses that are taught by LIT staff.  
    • If a student selected On Campus learning and has checked out a Chromebook from campus, that student will need to bring the device back and forth from home to school each day.
    • It is recommended that students that come to campus and want to bring their lunch do so in a disposable paper bag so that all items can be discarded after eating.  This may help minimize germs going back home.
    • All microwaves have been removed from the cafeteria in an effort to minimize the spread of germs.
    • Bus routes/schedules are posted here.
    • IMPORTANT - in an effort to minimize the spread of germs, all water fountains will be closed.  Students will need to bring an adequate amount of water to get them through the day.  Pre-filled cups of water with lids will be available in the cafeteria at lunch.
    • During the first period of the day, September 28, 2020, all students will be presented with the full campus re-entry plan, the campus map detailing the flow of traffic, COVID-19 self screening symptoms, and much more to ensure they understand campus and district policies and procedures for On Campus Learning.
    • If you have any questions that were not answered after reading the Re-Entry plan, submit a question to our FAQ page and it will be answered and posted within 48 hours.
    • Live Zoom to go over the re-entry plan and answer parent questions will be held this Friday, September 25, 2020 at 3:30pm.  
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  • BISD Clarifies F2F Return Date

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 9/9/2020

    On Sept 9, 2020, BISD released further guidance on return dates for On Campus Learning.  Follow the link below for a copy of the email release.  September 28, 2020 is the new return date if a student selected On Campus Learning.

    Click here for English and Spanish.

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  • BISD Announces Update to F2F Return Date

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 9/5/2020

    Students at Beaumont ECHS will all return on September 21, 2020 if on campus learning was chosen during registration at the start of the school year.  If you do not remember your choice or wish to change your choice (Virtual Learning or On Campus Learning), please follow this link to fill out the form - https://forms.gle/EyGJuAje5fVksqrx5

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  • Process Operating & Instrumentation Class Update

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 8/20/2020


    Look at the classes listed on your schedule.  The letters will not match with these, but the numbers for the course codes will.  That is how you will know which of these classes you are scheduled for.  All classes will be in the Technology Building.Proc. Op & Instru. Tech.

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  • URGENT Attendance UPDATE

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 8/18/2020

    Hello and Wow!  This has been an interesting start to the year and we hope you are engaging!  We need to send out a note about attendance.  It is critical that each student submit attendance for LIT classes through this form one time EVERY.SINGLE.SCHOOL.DAY.  You can also find it by going to our website at echs.bmtisd.com --> COVID-19 Updates --> Attendance.  Please note, this is in addition to the forms that you need to complete for each teacher, each period that you are scheduled for that day.

    So. . . 

    1. Complete the form linked above as the first thing you do each day.  Think of this as a master attendance form that ensures you receive attendance credit in your LIT classes.
    2. Complete the attendance form that is in each teacher's Google Classroom.  It is connected for credit in that particular class and should be done by 2pm each day.


    These forms take approximately 30 seconds to complete and submit.  This is critical for earning credits so you need to make this a priority each school day.

    As always, email us with any questions.  Our attendance clerk is:

    Ms. Cuellar-Mendez / acuella@bmtisd.com / 409-617-6610

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  • When do I have to log into class and when will I Zoom? Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning? Attendance?

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 8/16/2020 9:20:00 PM

    Watch this Screencast to understand when you should log into class and what that will look like each day - be sure to scroll down.  All Zoom links will be posted in Blackboard or the Google Classroom.  Find out about Attendance here.

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  • Google Class Codes

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 8/16/2020

    Hello and good evening!  Our students will have three ways to access coursework (listed below), but first they will need to view their schedule through student self serve.

    1. Everyone needs to start by accessing the Google Classroom Codes hereNOTE - students must be logged in to their BISD email account or they cannot access Google Classroom.  
    2. Dual credit college classes will start on August 24, 2020 and can be accessed through Blackboard.  Check back throughout the week because LIT is planning to open the courses taught by a BISD instructor earlier than the others.  Those instructors are listed below.  If there is no instructor listed on a student's schedule, that means the student will have an LIT instructor for the course.
      1. Alexander
      2. Blain
      3. Daleo
      4. Simon
      5. Thomas
    3. Edmentum is an online course offering for high school courses.  These are a little more difficult to determine based on your student's schedule, therefore. . . 

    On Monday, August 17, 2020, all teachers will be reaching out to students in their Family in order to touch base and answer any questions the student has.  It is critical that the teacher is able to speak to the student directly, so please plan for this to be possible.  In the afternoon, all teachers will Zoom with their Family and that will be arranged and announced during these phone calls. 

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  • Where do I Start?

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 8/14/2020

    Hello and welcome to the start of the 2020-2021 school year!  The first day of school is Monday and we are getting ready!  Later today and throughout the next several days Ms. Pharis will be uploading short videos about what the start of school will look like and what students need to do to get off to a good start.  When the first video is uploaded, you will be able to find it under the COVID-19 Updates tab and then go to the Video Messages sub-page.  See you soon!  Stay safe, wear a mask, and we love you!

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  • First Day of School - August 17th

    Posted by Melanie Pharis on 8/10/2020

    Dear Owls, 

    School will start of August 17th and we are working hard to ensure everything is ready for you!  Plan to login to student selfserve that day in order to see your classes and find out who your teachers are.  Later this week we will post a document that will list all teachers and how students can access their classes online.  In the meantime, make sure online registration is completed as well as other Running Start activities listed here.  ALL 9TH GRADE students need to prepare for the start of school by working on the virtual Summer Bridge program located here.  Even if you came to the face-to-face Summer Bridge, there are additional activities that will help to ensure your success at the start of school.  Stay safe, wear a mask, and we love you!

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