Welcome from the Principal

  • Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Odom Academy where “Excellence is the standard!”  The Odom faculty and staff welcome our students and their families to a middle school that constantly seeks to serve the whole child through high expectations for academic and behavioral success.  

    Thank you for entrusting your child to us.  Our goal is to help each child make the transition from childhood to adolescence in a caring, supportive atmosphere.  Here we encourage children to explore the possibilities that will lead them to successful futures and test their wings.  Teachers are trained in “Capturing Kids’ Hearts,” a program that encourages staff and students to work together through respectful interactions.  The years from ages ten to fourteen are challenging for all children as their bodies and interests change daily.  At Odom we work to support children as they work through those difficult years to emerge as young adults ready to face high school and the world.

    Academic success is a major focus on all we do at Odom. Success on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) is often the defining accomplishment of a public school, but it is only one component of a middle school that meets the needs of all students.  Odom has excelled on the STAAR for the last two years, exceeding minimum expectations and earning six (2014-15) and seven (2015-16) TEA Distinctions.  Additionally, Odom students shine in the fine arts and athletics.  Dance, band, choir, orchestra, theatre, and visual arts give students opportunities to discover talents beyond the classroom.

    Odom offers academic challenges for those students who need more than the traditional middle school classroom can provide.  Students who are ready to move beyond their chronological peers may qualify for Pegasus math that allows students to move two grades above grade level.  Students who qualify may also take language arts and science courses a year above grade level.  This acceleration allows students to earn up to nine high school credits while on the Odom campus.  High school credits offered are Algebra I, Geometry, World Geography, English I, Spanish I, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Business Computer Information Systems, Professional Communications, Health, and Art I.  Academic courses offered are all pre-Advanced Placement classes and earn additional quality points on high school transcripts.

    Because reading is the foundation for all future learning, Odom expects all students to participate in a vigorous Accelerated Reader program that includes independent reading at home for thirty minutes each night.  Like other skills, reading improves only with constant practice, and parental support for students’ reading is critical to their success.  Teachers across the curriculum support the reading program, insisting that children spend time in all classes reading and writing in their content area.

    At Odom, we believe that parents, teachers, and students committed to excellence will achieve great things.  Please know that you are always welcome here, whether as a volunteer or as an observer.  If we are to best serve our children, Odom must be a community of learners working together to achieve academic and social success.



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    Lachandra Cobb-Eaglin