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  • History

    Fletcher was founded in 1912 by the Board of Education which consisted of the Superintendent H.F. Triplett, President of the Board, Guy W. Junker, and Secretary, Louis Mayer. Fletcher Elementary School is located in South Central Beaumont in the most culturally diverse community in Beaumont Independent School District. It is four blocks West of MLK Parkway and one block South of College Street. It is believed that the school was named for the then Beaumont City Mayor, E.A. Fletcher.

    The original owner of the property specifically stated (in the deed) that Fletcher was to be built for the education of white students only. Fletcher now provides a quality education for Asians, African Americans, Hispanics, and white students. Hispanic students comprise 54% of the student body.

    When the school opened in 1914, it consisted of two floors and a basement. Currently Fletcher is a one story U shaped building that was erected around the original structure in 1984. In 1994 two city blocks on the East and South side of the structure were purchased for expansion. A new wing was added to provide for the increased student population.



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