Campus Motto, Colors, and Mascot

  • History

    Pietzsch School was built by the South Park School District in 1907-08. All grades were taught on the campus until 1923-24 when the South Park High School building was completed. When the high school grades were moved, the school became known as South Park Elementary and this name was retained until 1952 when the school trustees changed it to Pietzsch Elementary in honor of L.R. Pietzsch who served as superintendent from 1913-1924. MacArthur Junior High School building was built in 1933. Beaumont ISD was operating two elementary schools on basically the same site for several years. MacArthur Elementary, the last addition which was completed in the 1950’s, had portions of the building in the same condition. In the year 2000, the decision to combine the two schools into one school was determined and that the auditorium area and the gymnasium building would remain and be upgraded. This also physically separated the smaller children (Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grades on the Pietzsch site) from the older children (3rd through 5th grades on the MacArthur site). The school opened its doors in 2001 and has been serving the community ever since and is a consolidation of two schools.


    Ever day in every way...WE are getting better, and better, and better!


    Red, Black and Khaki