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West Brook Choir Students Advance to State Auditions

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 25 West Brook Choir Students competed in Round 3 of Texas All State Choir Auditions at Sterling High School. Fourteen of these students will be advancing to the fourth and final round of area auditions, to be held Jan 9, 2016 in Baytown.


Advancing to area auditions:

Elizabeth Clark (2nd Chair)

Emma Scofield (2nd Chair)

Kalani Pressey (4th Chair)

Erin Brewer (5th Chair)

Brianna Glaze (2nd Chair)

Caleb Zurita (5th Chair)

Christian Goldman (1st Chair)

Noah Worley ( 3rd Chair)

Miguel Magtaan (4th Chair)

Nicholas Gregory (5th Chair)

David Williams (1st Chair)

Manuel Lugo (3rd Chair)

Nicholas Walker (5th Chair)


Alternates to area auditions:

Jordan Collier

Brittany Dang

Matteo Adams

Jonathan Thibodeaux

Nicolas Hernandez