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Student Advisory Council Taste-Tests School Food



The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council met on February 11, 2016, in the BISD Board Room. Student representatives from each BISD high school and middle school had the opportunity to taste proposed food items for the 2016-2017 school year from the Child Nutrition Department. After the tasting, students were able to provide feedback.


The items available were:


McCain Low Sodium Tot

Ruiz Ranchero Beef Tornados

Lone Star WG Mini Cinnamon Rolls

Perdue Snackatizer

Advance Pepper jack Cheeseburger

Los Cabos Pepper jack Enchiladas

Bush Maple Baked Beans

Bush Taco Fiesta Black Beans

Foothill farms traditional ranch dressing

Foothill farms Chipotle dressing

Foothill farms Cilantro Lime dressing

Super Bakery Happy Birthday Cupcakes

J&J Benefit Brownie Bars

Beverage- Blueberry Lime

Beverage- Cherry Lime

Beverage- Strawberry Lime

Beverage- Lime Lime

Tyson Tightly rolled whole grain Tortilla Taquitos

Cheese filled Pretzel

Chicken - drumstick

Chicken Chunks

Advance Pierre Pepper Jack Cheeseburger

Advance Pierre Steak Nugget

Glazed French Toast Sticks

Crumb Square

Apple Breakfast Bar

Blueberry M Top

Z Bread

Choc Choc Muffin


Prior to the taste test, BISD Superintendent Dr. John Frossard gave the students, over 30 in attendance, a brief update on future projects for the district.