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Central High School Hosts ‘Bow Tie Wednesday’



‘Bow Tie Wednesday’ started with the vision of having young men at Central High School dress up every week.  “Bow ties seem to be the fashion these days and we wanted them to be able to express themselves,” said Assistant Principal Rolander Fontenot.  “We also wanted them to develop a sense of pride, be prepared to dress for interviews and also for church or daily life.”  


Fontenot further explained that organizations sometimes dress up for game days, but ‘Bow Tie Wednesday’ includes every male on campus; no one is excluded.  “It’s a day set aside for young men on campus, as well as faculty and staff.  We’ve had two ‘Bow Tie Wednesdays’ and our participation is growing,” said Fontenot.  “We started this year and at least 100 students have participated.”  ‘Sassy Scarves Thursdays’ will soon be implemented for young ladies.