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Ozen Panthers Toast for Change


Ozen High School staff started the school year off with new leadership, energizing staff development sessions, a focused theme, rock STAAR party and a ‘Toast for Change’!

“As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ozen High School, we are remembering our legacy, past accomplishments, and the greatness that will come about from the contributions from our students and parents this school year,” said Ozen Principal Dr. Donna Prudhomme.  “What a milestone to celebrate!  20 years of excellence, growth, persistence, and resilience that lays both a great foundation and a great springboard towards the future.”

The theme for this school year is ‘I Am the CHANGE’ as administrators want students to know that they are capable of excelling and achieving their goals. “There’s a renewed sense of energy and expectation this school year,” Prudhomme continued.  “You’ll notice a difference in the school environment with banners in each hallway to remind students of what they possess and what they can achieve.”

Administrators put together a presentation for students on September 30, 2016.  “Along with the new faces this year, we have new systems, new practices, but more importantly, new expectations.  Last school year was one that stretched us, but we believe we are better because of it,” Prudhomme said.  “During our ‘toast for change’, staff members made the following declaration: We will be a team that is dedicated to our student’s success, that will offer solutions to problems, that will not be afraid to uplift and encourage each other and that understands our success is contingent not on one person’s effort, but on the effort of the collective group.  So, as we begin to rebuild Ozen High School, we have renewed energy and we are confident that this is going to be a GREAT year! We are focused on the success of our students and staff and we believe that together, we are unstoppable!”