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BISD Students Dream of Going to State

Round 2 of All Region/Texas All State Choir Auditions was held at Lumberton High School on October 8, 2016.  


West Brook High School Choir had 63 students compete and 38 advance to Round 3 Pre-Area Auditions; 27 placed in the Region 10 Mixed Choir.  Three students were ranked 1st chair out of 48 with 72 others in their room; 17 students overall were ranked in the top 10 of their rooms.  West Brook had 64 choir students named to the Region 10 Choirs.  There are only 2 rounds that remain before a student could be selected to perform in the 2017 Texas All State Choir.


Advancing to Round 3 (Pre Area) Auditions:

Elizabeth Clark- Ranked 2nd Chair Mixed Choir

Erin Brewer- Ranked 3rd  Mixed Choir

Hope Msengi- Ranked 5th Chair Mixed Choir   

Jessica Palmer-  Mixed Choir

Kiana Williams- Treble Choir  

Karah Jackson- Treble Choir

Emma Scofield – Ranked 1st Chair Mixed Choir

Jadien Rogers- Mixed Choir

Katrina Whitfield- Mixed Choir

Katherine Kirchmer- Mixed Choir

Selena Jones- Mixed Choir

Katie Kolp-  Treble Choir

Lauren Medina- Treble Choir

Brianna Glaze- Ranked 3rd Chair Mixed Choir

Sara Gazaway- Mixed Choir

Kiara Collins- Treble Choir

Sydni St. Julian- Treble Choir

Kamryn Yates- Treble Choir

Brea Landry- Treble Choir

Cathryn Weldy- Ranked 5th  Chair  Mixed Choir

Hannah McReynolds- Mixed Choir

Caleb Zurita- Ranked 3rd Chair  Mixed Choir

Travis Reed- Mixed Choir

Douglas Stone- Mixed Choir

Emmanuel Grandeza- Ranked 3rd Chair Mixed Choir

Nick Williams- Ranked 4th Chair Mixed Choir

Jonathon Thibodeaux- Mixed Choir

Philip Roxas- Tenor Bass Choir

Emeril Lester- Tenor Bass Choir

Nicolas Gregory- Ranked 1st Chair  Mixed Choir

Noah Brent- Ranked 4th Chair Mixed Choir

Thomas Worley-Ranked 6th Chair  Mixed Choir

Miguel Magtaan- Mixed Choir

Aaron Bisnar- Mixed Choir

David Williams- Ranked 1st Chair Mixed Choir

Drew Kolp- Mixed Choir

Travis Nguyen- Mixed Choir

Tristan Boyles- Tenor Bass Choir


2016 All Region Treble Choir Members:

Sarah Woods

Joyce Hall

Hannah Martin

Breanna Ramsey

Katlyn Nguyen

Jade Bisnar

Kasey Coward

Megan Fortune

Jessica Bisnar

Rakaya Turner

Alexandra Mccall

Alex Pham

Chaney Haynes

Alexia Sneed   

Deriauna Jones

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Abi Hughes

Taylor Tucker

Erin Lindsey

Ryann Welch

Delila Dang

Jayden Perez

Rebecca Solano

Ky’era Mansfield

Isabella Rey


2016 All Region Tenor Bass Choir Members:

Conner Kuchera

Torry Marshall


Marshall Middle School had several choir members audition individually for a position in one of the All-Region Choirs.  There were 19 students named to one of the 3 choirs: Alex Butler; Emma Coley; Macie Fuller; Seth Gonzales; Langston Hadnot; Ciara Holland; Ella Lemonis; Kayla Medina; Katelyn Middleton; Payton Montalbano; Lauren Naas; Sara Ocnaschek; Elizabeth Paak; Keirrah Ramirez; Malik Smith; Grace Thompson; Lauren Truong; Paris Williams and Samuel Worley.  


These choirs will perform November 12, 2016 at Vidor High School Auditorium.