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National Parent Involvement Day

National Parent Involvement Day was celebrated November 17, 2016.  The day was dedicated to encouraging parental involvement on all campuses.

Events around the district included …



Caldwood Elementary hosted a Mother Daughter Tea.

Central High School invited parents and community members to attend the Million Father March.  Breakfast was provided and a speaker started at 6:30am, providing encouragement and academic support for students.


Charlton-Pollard Elementary invited parents to a Thanksgiving luncheon and a training entitled “How to Read with Your Child at Home”. Parents received information on how to help their students with reading, math, science and social studies at home. They were also given information about how to login to Istation Home Portal and Think Through Math. Communities In Schools (CIS) representative Alpha Mack spoke to parents about services that CIS provides to students. Community group, Brothers for a Positive Change, spoke to parents about different community initiatives. They also drew names and presented one lucky parent with a Thanksgiving Basket.

Dishman Elementary invited parents to a Thanksgiving luncheon.

Fehl-Price Elementary invited parents to attend a Family Game Night and Homework Assistance presentation.

Fletcher Elementary held a parent training with brunch-type snacks and discussed “hot topics” such as accessing the parent portal, how to volunteer and homework assistance.
Guess Elementary hosted a luncheon movie for parents in the library.  Parents (Kindergarten-2nd grade) were also invited to a Thanksgiving luncheon.
Homer Drive Elementary invited parents to a Thanksgiving luncheon.
Jones-Clark Elementary invited parents to visit classes.  They were also welcome to a kindergarten Thanksgiving program at 10am.  A Thanksgiving luncheon was held earlier in the week.
Lucas Pre-K Center hosted parent classroom visits, where students performed skits and plays.
Martin Elementary invited parents to either a breakfast or luncheon and were asked to visit their child’s classroom.  
Odom Academy invited parents to shadow their student or volunteer in the classroom.
Pathways/Paul Brown Learning Center invited parents to a Thanksgiving brunch with the principal.
Pietzsch-MacArthur Elementary invited parents to a Make and Take Day.  Designated staff worked with parents in the computer lab and workroom to make and laminate flashcards, instructional games and materials to help their child at home.
South Park Middle School invited parents to shadow their student or volunteer in the classroom.  They were also invited to a morning open house with muffins and teachers.
West Brook High School invited parents to visit classes and have lunch with their student.