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Taylor Career Students Dominate TAFE Competition

Taylor TAFE Team

Taylor Career and Technology Center students participated in the Texas Association of Future Educators' (TAFE) State Competition February 16-19, 2017 at the University of Texas-Arlington.  The event was held in conjunction with the Teach Tomorrow Summit. Ozen High School students traveled with Taylor to compete as well.

“I am so very proud of these great students! They conducted themselves with dignity and professionalism the entire trip. We're bringing tons of awards back to Beaumont along with some fantastic memories,” said Taylor teacher and advisor Melinda Fortenberry.  “They have bright futures in whatever they choose to do.  They are certainly number one in my book and are going to be superior teachers in the future.” 

The following students took home honors:
D'Mya Johnson and D' Owens - Project Visualize - Leadership - Blue Ribbon top honor
Areeale Allen and Ironesha Hadnot - Teacher Created Materials Contest - Blue Ribbon top honor
Priscilla Torres - Bulletin Board - Blue Ribbon top honor
Kiersten Roark - Bulletin Board - Blue Ribbon top honor
Brookelynn Gilliam - Portfolio - Gold Certificate top honor
D'Mya Johnson, D' Owens, Areeale Allen, and Ironesha Hadnot - Ethical Dilemma - State Competitor
Griselda Martinez - Lesson Planning and Delivery - Art - State Competitor (scored 97)
Ariana Castillo - Lesson Planning and Delivery - STEM - State Competitor (scored 94)
Mariela Marquez - Lesson Planning and Delivery - STEM  State Competitor (scored 92)