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BISD Special Education Department Keeps Momentum

Following an onsite visit from the Texas Education Agency in 2014, the Beaumont Independent School District Office of Special Education Services found themselves in a tough situation. The agency cited the district for several areas of non-compliance which eventually led to the district being placed under the supervision of a monitor. The person chosen for that role was Fred Shafer, a veteran in the area of Special Education who had worked extensively throughout the Houston region. Shafer eventually joined BISD as the Executive Director of Special Education Services where he played a crucial role in bringing the department and the district back into compliance.

Through the hard work, dedication and leadership of the Special Education department as well as many changes to procedures and services, the district is now not only in compliance with state regulations, but is also providing services to students more efficiently and effectively.

Shafer and his team highlighted several of these positive changes during a State of the Program presentation at the meeting of the Board of Managers on May 18.

  • District is now in full compliance with state mandates
  • For the first time in seven years the district is 100% compliant on the 2015-16 State Performance Plan
  • District has filled key staff positions
  • District has implemented district-wide standards across all special education
  • Numerous procedure changes and streamlining of processes

“I feel very confident that the district will maintain this positive momentum and will continue to improve,” said Shafer. “The team we have put in place along with our hard-working teachers out in the field can be proud of the success we have accomplished in such a short time. It’s almost unheard of that a district can correct all areas of non-compliance so quickly and I think we should be proud as a district that we are now providing the quality services that our students deserve.”