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Motivational Speaker Inspires Students

Motivational speaker and author Jeremy Anderson visited Beaumont ISD to help students and teachers become the best version of themselves. He spoke to the student body at Ozen High School on January 24 and Pathways Learning Center on January 25.

“Students who are going through a rough time feel like their situation won’t change,” said Anderson. “I am honored to speak to BISD students and share my story.” In August 2017, Anderson delivered a motivational presentation to the entire BISD staff at the annual convocation. “My top three theories include ‘DNA doesn’t determine your destiny, your decisions do’, ‘Your condition is not your conclusion’, and ‘Don’t fight your help’. I wanted to stress to the students that their teachers want to help. They can help tear down the walls and build consistency.”

Years ago, Anderson transitioned from repeated failure in school, drug and alcohol abuse, and living a life of crime to motivating other students, teachers and leaders to take their lives to the next level. He eventually earned his high school diploma, as well as a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Anderson was broke and jobless, but now owns several successful businesses and has authored seven books. His diverse experience heightened the impact of his message. During his presentation at Pathways, Anderson encouraged students to either ignore or remove themselves from negative people. 

Pathways sophomore Electra Brasuell said Anderson’s life story touched her. “Jeremy was so passionate. I could feel that he meant what he was saying. His story reminded me of my dad and how he changed his life for me.” Pathways senior Bryan Brown was taking notes during the presentation. “Two quotes that stood out to me were ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and ‘Take things a day at a time’. Small choices can lead to big choices.”

Anderson wrapped up his presentation by telling the students they have much purpose and potential. “Open your heart and let your teachers pour into you.” Pathways Principal Wayne Wells concluded by encouraging students “to stop closing the door and make good choices to change their life.”

Anderson will speak to the student body at Central High School on January 31 and West Brook High School on February 1. He provided professional development to the faculty during his visit as well. Anderson said,”You have gems and jewels in those classrooms. Find their promise, check your heart, and reach out to these kids. Some of the most challenging kids are geniuses. Don't discard them."

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