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Blanchette Students Celebrate Earth Day

Students at Blanchette Elementary had the opportunity to learn about recycling and celebrate Earth Day, which was April 22. Dawn Pumphrey’s kindergarten class was asked to bring creations made from recycled or reused items. “Students were excited to share their creations with the rest of the class and were able to list the recycled items used to make them,” explained Pumphrey. “Many students made use of plastic bottles or jugs, egg cartons, bottle caps and paper.”

Creations included a miniature garden inside an egg carton with soil, Easter grass and egg carton flowers, along with a small juice jug that served as a watering can. A soda bottle was used to make a functional piggy bank and a basket constructed from folded paper made a bouquet of pink egg carton flowers. One of the students favorite items was a child-sized robot made from boxes covered in robot printed gift wrap that had the ability to stand on its own.

“As a teacher, it gives me great joy to see that my parents work with their children to create beautiful and meaningful pieces,” said Pumphrey. “As a result, students learned from one another and discovered many uses for what others might consider to be trash.”

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