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Joint Statement Regarding Santa Fe High School Shooting

In light of the tragedy that has taken place in Santa Fe, Texas, our thoughts and prayers go out to the faculty, students, parents and community of Santa Fe ISD. We are issuing this joint statement to outline what we have in place to reassure our students that their school is a safe and nurturing place to learn and grow.

As a collective effort, BISD, NISD, HFISD, PAISD, PN-GISD and SPISD have many proactive measures in place regarding student and staff safety measures. Our school counselors, teachers and administrators are available to students who need support in processing the horrifying shooting at Santa Fe High School, and that support will always be there. They are also keeping an eye out for children who may be having a hard time but not necessarily seeking assistance.

Each district mentioned follows guidelines from the Texas State School Safety Center in determining safety procedures and protocols. All districts have an emergency plan in place, including a crisis team. Regularly scheduled safety meetings and drills are conducted at the campus and district levels, and staff and administration actively monitor campuses.

Our parents play a vital role in the safety and security of our students and in preventing tragedies. We encourage parents to have open communication with their children, including any concerns regarding social media, and to share any concerns with campus personnel. Communication is paramount to any safety and prevention plan. We will reinforce to our students that if they see something or hear something that is of concern, notify an adult immediately. We also ask parents ensure that students understand that even joking about school violence leads to an immediate and swift investigation of the threat when campus and/or district leaders become aware of such conversations.

Across the nation, schools are working with their communities to provide safe learning environments. BISD, NISD, HFISD, PAISD, PN-GISD and SPISD continue to value the parent and community partnerships in making our schools safe for students and staff. Safety is our top priority.

In closing, talking with children about the school shooting in Santa Fe can be difficult for even the most-trained adult, which is why each school district is offering resources for parents and staff from the National Association of School Psychologists. Click here to access this information. 

We will remain steadfast in our commitment to student achievement and providing quality educational programs for all students.