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Central 3D Design Team Finishes 4th in State

The Central Medical Magnet High School 3D Design team recently participated in the 2nd Annual Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) 3D Design Competition and finished 4th in the state. “Since this was my first competition with my engineering team, we expected to place in the top 20, but not 4th,” said coach Marinette Parkerson.

Students were required to follow the engineering design process by using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and a 3D printer. Their goal was to solve a real-world problem, which was focused on weather-related issues. The team researched and designed a water silo with solar panels and a filtration system. The purpose of the Environmentally Vertical EcoSystem (E.V.E.) was to collect rainwater and filter it to be used in cases of emergency, drought, fire or other natural disasters.  

“We believe that E.V.E. could alleviate flooding in some areas,” explained Parkerson. “We created “her” because water sustains all living things and E.V.E. is the mother of all living things.” Students were not only required to document and submit an Engineering Design Notebook, but also sketches of the product as it evolved with testing, a marketing plan and video.

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The team consisted of junior J’Corrian Sells and sophomores Jesus Mejia and Christian Morales who stayed after school and worked on the project at home. Seniors Hien Huynh, Troy Williams, Bill Jackson and Stanley White collaborated with the team and provided input on how to make E.V.E. effective and efficient. “I am super proud of Coach Parkerson and the Central team and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them this year,” said BISD Lead STEM Teacher and TCEA Area 5 Director Joy Schwartz.