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Pietzsch-MacArthur Hosts Fright Write

Pietzsch-MacArthur recently hosted their first parent involvement activity focusing on writing. ‘Fright Write’ was held on October 29 with students and parents rotating through learning stations that were Halloween-themed. The event provided opportunities to predict, draw a conclusion, provide evidence and creatively write spooky stories.

Over 100 students participated in ‘Fright Write’, which also included reading games, pizza with the principal and Halloween candy. Pietzsch-MacArthur Curriculum Coordinator Vanessa Bennett plans to have a similar parent involvement activity each month. “Everyone really enjoyed rotating through the stations together,” said Bennett. “Getting parents involved in their child's education is the key to their success, so anything that we can do to provide those opportunities is my pleasure.” The next event will be ‘Holidays Around the World’ and involves all four core subjects.