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Joshua Dickerson Makes an Impact at Homer Drive

Students at Homer Drive Elementary recently had the opportunity to meet Joshua Dickerson, who’s poem “Cause I Ain’t Got a Pencil” has sparked conversation around the world and has been shared and liked a million times on social media.

Dickerson was invited to address students at a morning assembly and spent the day on campus. “It was a blessing to speak to students at Homer Drive. The scholars were engaged and inspired,” he said. Dickerson stressed to students to not let their zip code determine their destination. He said for them to remember, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Dickerson has created several programs to empower youth and has helped establish chess and robotics clubs in partnership with various programs in Atlanta. He uses his experience and love for kids to train teachers and administrators on different ways to incorporate literacy into daily educational activities believing that no one person can do everything, but each person can do something.

During his visit, Dickerson also spent a day touring the neighborhoods around the Homer Drive campus. He said it was life changing to see the children in their own element. “One boy told me he’d never met a black man that was an author. He showed his friends and siblings the book I gave him and wanted to take a picture with me,” said Dickerson. “From my perspective, it was an honor meeting the children and their families. Perhaps all of these young men will grow up and create positive change in the world,” said Dickerson.

Homer Drive Principal Dr. Belinda George felt the two-day visit was monumental. “Mr. Dickerson was phenomenal and personable; his energy was amazing,” said Dr. George. “He made a huge impact on our scholars in just a short period of time.”

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