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High School Biology Teams

Beaumont ISD high school biology teams are hard at work, creating daily lessons that inspire students to think outside the box. Teachers agree that in order to promote scientific inquiry and discovery, it’s important to have fun activities where participants are actively engaged and can work collaboratively.

At Beaumont United, Science Department Chair/Biology teacher Keisha Kirkwood is teaching a lesson focused on food chains, food webs and energy pyramids. To make it interesting, Kirkwood incorporated a hands-on activity which involved students creating their own food chains and linking them together to construct a food web. “Students were able to demonstrate and analyze the flow of energy in ecosystems using themselves and a few balls of yarn,” said Kirkwood. Freshman Ruth Okoronkwo thought the activity was fun and entertaining. “The activity helped me retain the information about energy flow in food chains and food webs,” said Okoronkwo.  

Previously, Kirkwood’s class completed a lab over abiotic and biotic factors in ecosystems, where students explored the real world and identified living and nonliving factors that they encounter everyday. “They enjoyed moving around and exploring,” said Kirkwood.

The biology team at West Brook is helping freshman reach for success as they make strides to keep learning challenging and fun. The department in the 9th Grade Academy recently began two new labs. The crime scene lab is a fun safety activity where students have to figure out how students were injured by identifying all the mistakes in the lab area. The abiotic and biotic lab gives students the opportunity to identify nonliving and living factors in their everyday environment by taking it outside the classroom.

”The lab helped me understand the orders very well and helped me improve on learning the levels of organization. It was a fun activity,” said freshman Elizabeth Paak. Her instructor, Aeris Broussard, plans to implement more hands-on activities and labs to help engage the students and peak their curiosity.

BISD educators will continue to find innovative ways to keep students engaged in learning biology, which includes the study of living organisms such as animals, plants, humans and bacteria.

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