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Amelia Student is Beaumont’s Youngest Traffic Box Painter

The City of Beaumont has undertaken a beautification project to paint traffic control boxes and citizens are encouraged to participate. City employees were quite surprised when they received an application from a 6-year old student.

Walter “Tre” Gooden, who is a 2nd grader at Amelia Elementary, enjoys reading and frequently visits the Elmo Willard Library. He had the idea to paint a traffic box with a picture of a child reading a book. “I wanted to inspire other children to read,” said Gooden. On the other side of the traffic box is a self-portrait of himself.

In order to participate in the program, residents were asked to sign an agreement and submit the sketch they planned to paint. Gooden completed the traffic box at the corner of East Lucas and Helbig by the library in May of 2018.

This fall, he will teach a class at the library called ‘Drawing with Tre’. Gooden was also one of the top 25 students from Amelia to participate in the Scripps Spelling Bee.

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