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Beaumont United Students Take a Look at College Life

The Epsilon Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated at Lamar University hosted Beaumont United students at the campus for their “Go to High School, Go to College” event. The group provided an overview of college life and shared valuable information to show students how to succeed academically, socially, financially and professionally in college. 

“Their target audience is typically at-risk youth who may be unsure about their plans after high school,” said Olivia Douglas, CCMR Coordinator. “This was not an average college tour. Some topics included resources for budgeting, maintaining physical and mental health, how to prioritize, where to find scholarships, how to maintain relationships and more.”

The group also addressed students' questions about balancing life while in college, the best choice of textbooks, rapport with professors and social life. Students were given a taste of college life with a campus tour and lunch in the dining hall.

“Our students are excited for our next college visit,” said Douglas. “I am proud to say that students who were not considering college before made up their minds on this trip that college, specifically Lamar University, may be the path for them.”