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Pietzsch-MacArthur K-8 Center Starts its First Year of Sports

Pietzsch-MacArthur (PMac) students and coaches Charles Johnson, Alton Buxton, Bethany Landry and Tiffany Noble are making history this year as organized sports make their first appearance. Seventh-grade students now have the opportunity to compete against other grade-level student-athletes across Beaumont ISD in football, volleyball, basketball, soccer and track.

"I'm just excited for starting up a new program at PMac," expressed Johnson, assistant football and head basketball coach for boys. "We only have seventh-graders, but I'm excited to bring over whatever I have in my bag and bring it over here to make the campus even better."

"I thought it was pretty cool," said Landry, assistant volleyball and head basketball coach for girls. "It's neat. You know, being the first coaches. It's exciting for me to have people come out, check us out. Our first volleyball game was super packed."

All coaches spoke about the Pietzsch-MacArthur community and the principal's support as the campus welcomes back sports events to the area.

"The whole school is behind us as the parents are coming out," stated Nobel head volleyball and soccer coach for girls. "Principal (Audrey) Collins has been amazing and the kids are just loving it. You can just see it in their eyes. We take great pride in being the first ones."

Pietzsch-MacArthur is unique in that it is a campus for kindergarten through eighth grade. The coaches all agreed they like the ability to reach down to see student-athletes as they mature in the center.  

"It kind of puts us ahead of the game," said Johnson. "Most middle school coaches have feeder schools across town. We have access right here across the way. We just walk over to the campus. We're able to communicate with the PE coaches on the other side about stand-out student-athletes."

"The PMac elementary coaches, you know, give us a heads up," said Noble. "This one might be all right for basketball. This one's going to be good for track and so on."  

The coaches have plans to grow their student athletes as the program grows. Currently, the football team has 18 players, and there are two volleyball teams with 15 players in total. The coaches plan to carry the 33 students and others into all sports for the rest of the school year. All coaches are unified on students being students first and athletes second.

"My hopes for the seasons are to teach the kids the basics they need to learn in sports," said Buxton, head football and assistant basketball coach for boys. "We want them to get an understanding of UIL, no pass, no play in the classroom. Even with our kids, we have tutorials after practice to work with them on their lessons or for us to find somebody to help them."